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Spat Workshop @CNMAT

Center for New Music and Audio Technology
1750 Arch Street – Berkeley, CA
May 23-24-25, 2016

This workshop will introduce Ircam Spat, a software suite dedicated to real-time sound spatialization and artificial reverberation. The workshop is intended for composers, computer musicians, sound engineers, sound designers, video artists or scientists with interest in spatial sound.

Participants are also encouraged to bring their own projects/materials/ideas in order to discuss or build them collectively.

Pre-requesite: basic skills on Max/MSP, PureData and digital audio workstations.

Teachers: Thibaut Carpentier (Ircam), Rama Gottfried (CNMAT)
Guest speakers: Jean Bresson (Ircam), Adrian Freed, John MacCallum, Edmund Campion (CNMAT)
Local coordination: Matt Schumaker, John MacCallum, Jean Bresson

Free admission.

With the support of EFFICACe ANR-13-JS02-0004 project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR).


Day-1 (Monday, May 23)

Max patches:

Day-2 (Tuesday, May 24)

Max patches:

Day-3 (Wednesday, May 25)

Max patches:


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Practical info

Location: 1750 Arch Street
Berkeley, CA

CNMAT is located up on a hill at 1750 Arch St., Berkeley, CA 94709 (between Hearst Ave. and Virginia Street). Please be aware that parking is a challenge around CNMAT and in Berkeley in general. Much of the area close to CNMAT is a vigorously enforced 2 hour zone, and we cannot allow guests to park on site.

For drivers, the nearest parking lot is Lower Hearst Structure, Level 2 (Scenic Ave. near Hearst Ave. in Berkeley – enter from Scenic Ave.): [MAP]

Public transit is also a good option to get to us (BART runs to Downtown Berkeley, with a 15-minute walk up to the site).