Control of Sound Synthesis

The computer-aided composition approach brings together musical and computing formalisms and provides programming languages as means for the development of compositional processes. It puts forward an interactive approach from the composer regarding these processes, which can be related to the notion of compositional modelling. The use of sound synthesis in music and the general idea of "writing" sound as part of compositional processes led us to apply this approach to the conception of sounds, considering sound as the object of a compositional model, represented as a program uniting musical data description and processing.

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OMChroma is a compositonal framework integrated in OpenMusic adapted from composer Marco Stroppa's Chroma system. OMChroma uses a matrix representations as control structures and provides powerful high-level procedures for the design and exploration of sound synthesis processes.

OMChroma is distributed as an external OM library by the IRCAM forum.

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Jean Bresson, Carlos Agon, Marco Stroppa (Musikhochschule Stuttgart), Serge Lemouton.

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