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Transitions/Morphing tutorials

#1 : creating a simple transition with a formantic profile

Here, we'll design a transition between two ch-fof objects, each one containing 5 formants.

the duration the formantic profile (a fmt-profile object, cf. Om-Chant Manual). optionnal : you may choose the sample rate (a number of samples or an actual rate)

Remarks : you can create use "gen-inter-fofs" without specifying a transition duration, by using overlapped or distant fof events (cf. Om-Chant Manual).

Download the tutorial patch here.

#2 : use "ch-transitions" to create transitions in a ch-fof stream

Here, we'll use the "ch-transition" function to put a transition between each couple of successive ch-fof objects within a stream.

Download the tutorial patch here.

#2b : create various transitions within a stream

You can also use lists of durations or formantic profiles to create variations between the transitions :

Download the tutorial patch here.

#3 : morph two vowels

Download the tutorial patch here.

#3b : morph three vowels using the 3D morphing feature

If you overlap three fof events and feed them to a "fof-morph" module, the first morphing profile will be used to morph the first and the second ones (first morphing), and the second bpf to morph the first morphing to the third fof :

Download the tutorial patch here.

#4 : write a vocal phrase in the maquette environment

Check out the tutorial patch, and see how the f0 and fof events are implemented in the "maquettes" environment.

Remarks : There are many functions to help you build f0 and fof modules : "maq-f0-curve", "maq-f0-vib", "maq-f0-jit", "maq-f0", "maq-fof"… You can also use the height of the module to fix some parameters : for example, in the tutorial patch, you can use it to control the amplitude of the vibrato and jitter effects of the f0 modules. You can also create advanced effects, by connecting morphing modules to another morphing module, or a morphing module to a transition one, etc…

Download the tutorial patch here.