Table des matières

Use the following link to download the latest OM release for Mac/Windows from the Ircam Forum website:

Specialized OM libraries resulting from current musical research at IRCAM are also distributed on the Forum, as well as documentation, tutorials and examples.

License and sources distribution

OM sources are free and available under the GNU Public License (GPL). They can be downloaded from this website and compiled on compatible Lisp platforms. The current OM sources (v 6.x) can be compiled on MacOS X, Windows or Linux using LispWorks, for which IRCAM owns professional distribution license. Note that commercial Lisp compilers (including LispWorks) generally provide free personal editions which allow to load and run the OM code.

Installation (Mac OSX)

Installation (Windows)


If an error message appears at launching OM on windows indicating that MSVCR libraies are missing, download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

Installation (Linux)

See the OM-Linux page for instructions and installation.