OM Linux

Hi, this page will keep info about the linux-version of OM.

New downloads of OM for Linux are available at the usual place:

Packages are available as .rpm or .deb. Most users should be able to just double-click on the provided packages, and leave your distro's package-maintainer (ie: dnf or dpkg) to take care of all necessary dependencies. (Update 2017-03-15: the SDIF and OM fonts package are no longer needed, as these are now installed together with the rest of the application.)

There's also a tarball (.tar.bz2) available. After downloading and unpacking, OM can be run from inside the extracted folder, or be installed using the supplied Makefile. OM will look for its fonts (the omfonts package) at the usual places on your system.

Since january 2017 OM is a 64-bit application. The previous 32-bit version is no longer maintained.

Please check back every now and then for new builds, fixes and new features - and be sure to follow announcements on the various forums.

Please direct bug-reports, questions and feedback to the forum, or alternatively directly to anders.vinjar [AT]