OpenMusic & Computer-Aided Composition classes – HfM Karlsruhe

Symbolische Programmierung mit Common Lisp (SPCL)
Musikalische Anwendungen der symbolischen Programmierung (MASP)
Visuelle Programmierung der Raum/Klangsynthese mit OpenMusic

Personal appointments on Friday, 9/11, 10h-13h
⇒ contact: jean [o] bresson [a] ircam [o] fr

Download links:

  • OpenMusic 6.14 (r3) for macOS (this release includes the picture fix below): ZIP / DMG
  • OpenMusic 6.14 for Windows: ZIP

macOS 10.14 Mojave: Unzip and copy this file in "OM":


6/11: OpenMusic intro


Picture fix: Contrary to what I said in the class, the standard distribution of the Pixels library does work. However, you will need to fix a little something in OM 6.14, but unpacking and copying this file in <your-workspace>/user/ or (if you're using a mac) downloading the updated ("r3") release above.

7/11: OpenMusic advanced / audio processing and synthesis

Install Csound:

OM libraries used in the class:

8/11: Common Lisp programming for musical applications


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