OM-Chant - Examples

Example #1 : "phone to voice maquette"

In this example, we use the "maquette" graphic environment to produce a phone ringtone, which evolves in a female lyric voice. The ringtone has been created using the formant synthesis technique (we basically recreated a phone tone with formants). More and more vibrato is used as the phrase evolves in a human voice. The amount of vibrato is controlled by the height of the f0 modules.

Example #2 : "3D morphing"

In this example, we transform three overlapping ch-fof events, in one morphed event. This morphed event is defined by two bpfs : the first one represents the morphing trajectory between the first and the second events, and the second one between the first morphing and the third event.

Example #3 : "Variable frequency 'r'"

In this example, we create a trilled 'r', with a deccelerando (which is impossible to perform by a human singer).


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