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Cognitive and perceptual aspects of the computer-aided music analysis

Vendredi 7 mars 2003

Ircam - Salle I. Stravinsky
Entrée libre

Pré-séance à la journée "Sciences cognitives, mathématiques et perception musicale" (samedi 8 mars 2003)


  • 14h30 - 15h00 : Thomas Noll : Hierarchy and shortest path principle in Lerdahl's chordal/regional space model.
  • 15h15 - 15h45 : Anja Fleischer : Investigations in Metric Coherence concerning Brahms and Stravinsky (powerpoint)
  • 16h00 - 16h30 : Olivier Lartillot : Perceptive Strategies in Computational Motivic Analysis: Why and How (powerpoint)
  • 16h45 - 17h15 : Geoffroy Peeters : Describing musical structures through the analysis of sound signal.
  • 17h30 - 18h00 : Vittorio Cafagna and Domenico Vicinanza : How to use musical perception in order to understand elliptic functions? (sound files ex1 and ex2)

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