Physical modelling in composition

Pavage des murs de la mosquée de Grenade

Lundi 27 octobre 2014

IRCAM - Salle Stravinsky
1, place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris
Entrée libre

Anders Vinjar (compositeur)

Composition in the Flesh 1)

Physical models used in synthesis and performance (eg. gesture-control) have proved very valuable. Some of the principal benefits - linear control of complex systems, intuitive behavior, easy one-to-many mappings - represent large potentials in composition-applications as well. However, compared to efforts in synthesis and performance little work has gone into testing applications of physical models to composition. Some of the motivations, prerequisites and assumptions for applying physical modelling to composition-tasks are discussed, and some possible gains are suggested. An implementation of a general CAC-environment charged with physical-modelling capabilities is suggested, combining OpenMusic and ODE2) in a modular way, providing a powerful and flexible environment for working with physical models in composition tasks.

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1) paraphrasing Lakoff & Johnsons "Philosophy in the Flesh"

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