OpenMusic Libraries

The OM folder includes a "library" sub-directory containing a number of dynamically loadable libraries. The libraries contain extra tools dedicated to specific purposes.

You can also add your own extra libraries and load them in OM:

  • Create a directory "Libraries" (or any other name) somewhere in your computer (but not in the OM directory!).
  • Put your own libraries in this folder
  • Register this directory in the OM Preferences ("Libraries" tab, external user lib directories).
  • If necessary, use the menu item File/Refresh Libraries Package… on the Library window in order to update the libraries list.
  • Libraries can also be loaded as "Remote User Libs" (see Library window, Menu File).
  • For OM versions < 6.0.3, where the previous options are not available, put the libraries in OM x.x/userlibrary/ before to start OM. (Warning: this option is also valid in recent versions, however in order to prevent libraries or data to be lost when upgrading OM, one of the previous two options should be preferred.)

- How to write my own library?

See "Writing user libraries" in the Developer resources section for instructions about how to write your own OM library.

- Where to find OM libraries?

A number of standard libraries
are included in the OM distribution:
The "Forum" libraries are distributed
by the Ircam Forum:

Additional, freely-distributed and/or third party libraries are also available here:

Library Description Author(s)
Patterns an adaption to OpenMusic of Rick Taube's "Pattern Streams".Anders Vinjar, 2017
Streamsep Algorithms for voice separation.Anders Vinjar, 2017
RQ A library for rhythm quantificationAdrien Ycart, 2016
OM-ModTile A library for creating, modifying, visualizing and experimenting with modulo 2 compact rhythmic canons in OpenMusic.Hélianthe Caure, 2016.
OM-Faust A library for writing/compiling/controlling Faust synthesizers and sound effects in OpenMusic. For OM 6.7 / MacOSX only.Dimitri Bouche, 2013.
Morphologie Tools for the analysis and generation of musical sequences based on the idea of "contrastive analysis" Jacopo Baboni Schilingi and Fred Voisin, Ircam, 1998
OM_ASX Tools for the generation of parameter files for AudioSculpt, SuperVP and/or OM-SuperVPHans Tuschku, Ircam, 1998
Pixels Manipulation and generation of pictures and pixel arrays. Jean Bresson, Ircam, 2010
OMCombine Manipulations combinatoires inspirées(?) dans et par la technique compositionnelle de Brian Ferneyhough. Mikhaïl Malt, Ircam, 2010
OMCSA preliminary release of the pmc engine from PWConstraints by Mikael Laurson. Mikhaïl Laurson, Orjan Sandred, 1995-1999
OMRCRhytmic constraints library. Orjan Sandred, 1999-2002
OMPitchField Paul Nauert, 2001-2006
OMTimePack Paul Nauert, 2001-2005
Pareto Patchs d'Analyse et de Resynthèse des Echelles dans les musiques de Tradition Orale: A set of tools for the analysis and resynthesis of scales from musical signals. Original patches by Fabien Lévy, 2001. library update by Jean Bresson and Fabien Lévy, 2009
OM-fil Filter functions (low pass, median…). Mikhaïl Malt, 2005
midi2om Two utilities for importing midi files from Finale and Lilypond with correct 1/4 tones. Karim Haddad
OmLempelText Applies LZ principles (cf. LZ library) with texts and textfiles. Gérard Assayag, 2001
OMIanniX Creates IanniX scores from OM objects. Jean Bresson, 2005
OMGecodeAn OpenMusic library to solve Michael Jarrell musical constraint problems using Gecode, and other such musical melodic harmonic or contrapuntal challenges. (compatible with GeCode 3.3) Serge Lemouton, Ircam, 2010
SDIF-Edit4OM A little "hack" library to link SDIF-Edit instead of the default OM SDIF editor – see Bresson, 2011
OM-Orchidee A client for the Orchidee orchestration server. Contains classes and editor for the specification of orchestration problems (sound target, orchestra), communication tools with the server, and objects for importing and manipulating the results in OM. J. Bresson, 2010-2011
OMRewrite Manipulation and rewriting rules applied on rhythm trees, using a special syntax.Pierre Donat-Bouillud, 2013
OMTristan Spectral and other frequency-based calculation objects developed by Tristan Murail. Rozalie Hirs' essays on the music and compositional techniques of Tristan Murail (R. Hirs, B. Gilmore, eds, Contemporary compositional techniques and OpenMusic, Collection Musique /Sciences, IRCAM / Editions Delatour, Paris, 2009) can serve as an introduction. Tristan Murail, ported to OM by Rozalie Hirs, 2009

Links to external OM libraries and projects:

Tessellate Generation, analysis, filtering, and mapping of rhythmic and pitch structures. CNMAT: Matt Schumaker, Ed Campion
OMCollider A library for the control of sound synthesis with SuperCollider. Contains a set of all unit generators (Ugen) and allows to generate and run “.scd” files, using OM graphic programming tools. Giorgio Zucco
OMRuben A library focused on musical scores, dealing with rhythm quantification, filterings, pitch shifting, time scaling, time pointer, orchestral envelopes, approximation, score conversions, gesture composition and various new compositional techniques.Ruben sverre Gjertsen
OM-SoX Multichannel audio manipulation and batch processing for OpenMusic (uses the SoundeXchange sound processing kernel). Marlon Schumacher, CIRMMT/McGill University
Harmonic-Analysis A library for the (semi-supervised) harmonic analysis of chord-sequences in OM 6.6.Carlos Pérez Sancho, DLSI, Univ. Alicante
OMLily Converts OM objects (chord-seqs, multi-seqs, voices, polys) into lilypond files to generate pdf printable scores. Karim Haddad
OM-PursuitDictionary-Based Sound Models for Computer-Aided Composition.Marlon Schumacher, CIRMMT/McGill University
chant-lib Implementation of the CHANT synthesizer (singing voice synthesis by FOF) using Csound/OM2Csound, inpired by the PW-Chant library for Patchwork.Romain Michon
SOAL Sonic Object Analysis Library: a collection of tools which scan MIDI files and return statistical informations about their achronic (vertical, harmonic) and diachronic (horizontal, time-related) structures. Mus3
FV-MorphologieLisp tools to analyse sequences of symbols or signs wich represent music… Fred Voisin
OMPWAbstraction layer for writing Lisp libraries that can be used in "pure" Common Lisp, but also in the OM or PWGL environments Kilian Sprotte
GeLisp/OMGelispA portable and efficient wrapper for the Generic Constraints Development Environment (GECODE) library to Common Lisp. Provides a high level interface and a low level interface. Additionally, it provides an interface to OpenMusic. Mauricio Toro Bermudez and Camilo Rueda
COMUSA collection of OM patches for image-to-sound conversion using several color systems (RGB, HSV, CMYK) and OM functions (BPF, BPC, 3DC). Luiz E. Castelões

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