OM Linux

Hi, this page will keep info about the linux-version of OM.

New downloads of OM for Linux are available at the usual place:

There, you'll also find packages (.rpm and .deb) for SDIF (v. 3.11.4), an external dependency needed by OM.

(The OM fonts package is no longer needed, as the font-files are now installed together with the rest of the application.)

Packages are available as .rpm or .deb. Most users should be able to just double-click on the provided packages, and leave your distro's package-maintainer (ie: yum or dpkg) to take care of all necessary dependencies.

For the time being, OM is only built as a 32-bit application (i686/i386). The reason is i don't have access to a 64-bit (Enterprise) LispWorks, needed to build a 64-bit version. If anyone has access to a 64-bit lw, and wishes to help building a 64-bit OM, please contact me for details.

Please check back every now and then for new builds, fixes and new features - and be sure to follow announcements on the various forums.

Please direct bug-reports, questions and feedback to the forum, or alternatively directly to anders.vinjar [AT]





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