OM Linux

Hi, this page will keep info about the linux-version of OM.

A new download (rpm) for Linux is available on the OpenMusic forge project, together with a tarball (.tar.bz2) for non-rpm-based installation.

A .rpm for the OM fonts package is also available for download.

The rpms can be installed in the usual way with your packaging system, ie:

yum install

or be converted by alien to fit with deb-based distros.

There's a tar-ball available (sources w. pre-built image) for those who prefer this way:

If your package-system doesn't take care of dependencies (ie. dpkg) here's a list (all 32-bit):

  4. (available from IRCAM)

The latest upload (01/05/2014) changes to portmidi for all midi playback. All midi-handling (files, messages, events) is shared between all 3 supported platforms, presumably making code more general and sustainable.

Please check back every now and then for new builds, fixes and new features - and be sure to follow announcements on the various forums.

Please direct any feedback to the forum, or alternatively directly to anders.vinjar [AT]





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