OM Linux

Hi, this page will keep info about the linux-version of OM.

A new download - openmusic-6-7-10.i686.rpm - for linux is available on the OpenMusic forge project:

Theres also a .rpm for the omfonts package:

The rpms can be installed in the usual way with your packaging system, ie:

yum install

or be converted by alien to fit with deb-based distros.

If your package-system doesn't take care of dependencies (ie. dpkg) here's a list (all 32-bit):

  4. (available from IRCAM)

You'll also need a soundfont for fluidsynth - currently it looks for the Fluid (R3) soundfont. We'll make this more flexible soon.

We're bringing the port closer to completion as further people get involved and provide feedback.

Please check back every now and then for new builds, fixes and new features - and be sure to follow announcements on the various forums.

Please direct any feedback to the forum, or alternatively directly to anders.vinjar [AT]





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