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This project is a new implementation of the OpenMusic visual programming and computer-aided composition environment, including a number of improvements in terms of graphical interface, computational features, and connection to external software libraries.

Get sources, and update info on the GitHub repository:
Latest releases:

Documentation [in progress]:

See also the om7 project Wiki pages.


Check out the openmusic-project repository for dedicated user libraries developed for OM7-beta:

  • om-spat
  • om-csound
  • om-iae
  • om-xmm (OM6/OM7 compatible)
  • om-supervp
  • om-pm2
  • OMChroma (OM6/OM7 compatible)

– Unzip the om7 libraries in a folder and specify this folder in the om7 Preferences/Libraries/


om7 has been used as a support for research and production in a number of recent projects.
See related papers below:

This work was developed at IRCAM (UMR STMS) with the support of the French National Research Agency (ANR) project with reference ANR-13-JS02-0004-01.


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