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This page links to some events and resources related to my activity at CNMAT, UC Berkeley in Spring/Summer 2016.


Spat Workshop - May 23-25, 2016

This workshop was and introduction to Ircam Spat, a software suite dedicated to real-time sound spatialization and artificial reverberation. The workshop is intended for composers, computer musicians, sound engineers, sound designers, video artists or scientists with interest in spatial sound.

Spat workshop page

HCI Meeting Series - May 6-13, 2016

A series of meetings and activities around human-computer interactions in music at the Centre for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) and the Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD), University of California, Berkeley in May 2016.

Event page

OpenMusic Workshops - Sept. 13-15, 2013 / Apr.-May 2016

This 3-days workshop was and introduction to the OpenMusic computer-aided composition and visual programming environment. It is mostly intended for composers and aims at familiarizing participants with the different programming notions, as well as the advanced libraries offered inthis environment.

OM workshop page
⇒ A similar session of courses were given at CNMAT on April 1st, 15th and May, 5th, 2016.

o.OM: Structured-Functional Communication between Media Systems

Integrating and test the use of odot and its embedded expression language in OM, in order to exchange structured data and functional specification with external systems (e.g., Max). The integrated framework is available for download in OM7 beta releases.

This work was presented at the ACM ICFP-FARM'16 workshop. ⇒ [paper]

CNMAT-OM: An OpenMusic library

The Tesselate library for OpenMusic, developed by Matt Schumaker in collaboration with composer Edmund Campion, will help composers to realise combinatorial operations of polyphonic rhythmic frames using a set of operators and graphical interfaces. It also includes a series of tools for pitch mapping and processing.

Tempo Curving

After preliminary works with John MacCallum aiming at integrating polytemporal structures in the OM computer-aided composition framework, current research directions for connecting CNMAT works on tempo curvers and odot functional applications head towards generalised frameworks for communicating applications to share common synchronised knopwledge of tempo maps and evolutions.

OM7 prototyping

The first lines of codes of OM7, a prototype environment which was going to be the base for most of the research carried out in the EFFICACe project, were written at CNMAT during a visit in 2013. Our recent collaboration have led to more developments of this prototype, including a base architecture for timed musical structures bringing together abstract representations of musical objects, scheduling and rendering technologies and user interfaces.

Project page | ICMC'17 paper


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