DYCI2 : Creative Dynamics of Improvised Interaction

Creative Dynamics of Improvised Interaction (Dynamiques créatives de l'interaction improvisée)


DYCI2 is a collaborative research and development project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

DYCI2 explores the Creative Dynamics of Improvised Interactions between human and artificial agents, featuring an Informed Artificial Listening scheme, a Musical Structure Discovery and Learning scheme, and a generalized Interaction / Knowledge / Decision dynamics scheme.

The project links together three main research issues: informed listening aiming at analyzing an auditory scene to extrapolate its musical structure by exploiting observed regularities and prior knowledge; adaptive learning of musical structures aiming at combining modeling of formal sequences and probabilistic approaches to take better account of the complexity of the musical discourse from a limited amount of data; and dynamics of improvised interactions aiming at conceiving multi-agent architectures and models of knowledge and decision in order to bring into play different scenarios of co-improvisation involving human and digital agents. [Read more]

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