Sound examples, interactive listening tests

WP1 Informed multichannel separation: interference reduction, ICASSP 2015 examples
Separation examples, Remixing examples

WP1 Interactive listening tests
Multichannel source separation with deep neural networks

WP2 Learning of multi-dimensional structures :
- Training OMax with multidimensional information on several corpora and applying to Charlie Parker standards : Generation examples
- Guiding improvisation with a multi-level progression on Rhythm Changes : Generation examples

Multimedia: performances, experiments, qualitative interviews

WP4 videos of interactions with expert musicians
Public performances with DICY2 prototypes (ImproteK, WP3)
Listening sessions, interviews, qualitative validation of DYCI2 prototypes (ImproteK, WP3) by professional musicians

Section IV in Jérôme Nika's Phd thesis fully describes the sessions of musical experiments and qualitative validations of the DYCI2 prototypes (ImproteK, WP3). This analysis is illustrated with sound and video documents.

Data base

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