Florent Jacquemard

Research Interests

My current research is concerned with the representations and reasoning on time in music, from two point of views: notation (software for music edition and computer-aided composition) and performance (interactive music systems).

From the notation point of view, I am working on the development of techniques and tools for processing digital documents in common western music notation (music scores), with a focus on the proportional notation for rhythm. Our approach is based on symbolic computation, with formalisms for tree-structured data processing, such as Term Rewriting Systems and Tree Automata. Trees are indeed a natural way to represents rhythms, which are defined hierarchically in music notation. In this setting, we are addressing Music Information Retrieval problems such as rhythm transcription, searching and querying and information extraction in music scores.

From the point of view of music performance, our objective is to improve the reliability and predictability of realtime interactive music systems involved in live music performances with human musicians (a popular example being automatic accompaniment systems). For this purpose, we are using formal methods for verifying statically that a system will behave as expected during a concert. This involves in particular Model Based Testing, symbolic model checking and static analysis of the property of schedulability.

You can look at some selected publications to get more details.

Projects and Events

Teaching, Internships

  • internship proposal on rhythm similarity measures. Master 2, research, UPMC, specialty SAR/ATIAM and STL.
  • Lecture on Tree Automata at the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science MPRI (2005-10).
  • Course on the summer school VTSA 2011, Tree automata techniques for the verification of infinite state-systems slides

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