The OM Composer's Book .1

Table Of contents

  • Preface
    Miller Puckette
  • Introduction
    Carlos Agon
  • Writing a Homage to Mersenne: Tombeau de Marin Mersenne for Theorbo and Synthesiser
    Michel Amoric
  • Electronics in Kaija Saariaho's Opera L'amour de loin
    Marc Battier and Gilbert Nouno
  • Vuza Canons into the Museum
    Georges Bloch
  • TimeSculpt in OpenMusic
    Karim Haddad
  • The Genesis of Mauro Lanza's Aschenblume and the Role of Computer-Aided Composition Software in the Formalisation of Musical Processes
    Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez
  • Composing the Qualitative, on Encore Composition
    Jean-Luc Hervé and Frédéric Voisin
  • Navigation of Structured Material in Second Horizon for Piano and Orchestra
    Johannes Kretz
  • Generating Melodic, Harmonic and Rhythmic Processes in K…, an Opera by Philippe Manoury
    Serge Lemouton
  • When the Computer Enables Freedom from the Machine (On an Outline of the Work Hérédo-Ribotes)
    Fabien Lévy
  • Some Applications of OpenMusic in Connection with Modalys
    Paola Livorsi
  • Fractals and Writing, Six Fractal Contemplations
    Mikhail Malt
  • Algorithmic Strategies in A Collection of Caprices
    Paul Nauert
  • Sculpted Implosions: Some Algorithms in the Waterscape of Musique Concrète
    Ketty Nez
  • Strette
    Hèctor Parra
  • Klangspiegel
    Luís Antunes Pena
  • Kalejdoskop for Clarinet, Viola and Piano
    Orjan Sandred
  • Flexible Time Flow, Set Theory and Constraints
    Killian Sprotte
  • To Touch the Inner Sound, Before it Becomes Music; to Dream About Dreams, Before they Become Real
    Elaine Thomazi-Freitas
  • Appendix: OpenMusic

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