The OM Composer's Book .3

Table Of contents

  • Preface
    Roger Dannenberg
  • Introduction
    Jean Bresson, Carlos Agon, Gérard Assayag
  • Variazioni su AlDo ClEmenti
    Michele Zaccagnini
  • Folk material transformations and elaborations in A Vida é Nossa
    Gonçalo Gato
  • Tri Bhuwana for 12 voices and Balinese gamelan: Three worlds/tripartite world
    Philippe Boivin
  • Programming modular progressions in OpenMusic
    Matthew Lane
  • Musicalising sonification: Image-to-music conversions using OpenMusic
    Luiz Castelões
  • On "slow" computer-aided composition
    Julien Vincenot
  • OM-Darwin: Generative and descriptive aspects of genetic algorithms
    Geof Holbrook
  • Computer-aided composition in the creation of As I ride the late night freeways
    Matthew Schumaker
  • Materials and techniques in D’improvviso da immobile s’illumina for bass clarinet, two orchestras, piano, and percussion
    Federico Bonacossa
  • Musique instrumentale concrète: Timbral transcription in What the Blind See and Without Words
    Aaron Einbond
  • Recomposing Beethoven with Music Neurotechnology
    Eduardo Reck Miranda and Anders Vinjar
  • Composing for the resonance: Finding new relationships between architecture and musical composition
    Ambrose Field
  • Sketching, synthesis, spatialisation: The integrated workflow of Cognitive Consonance
    Christopher Trapani
  • Germination
    Jean-Luc Hervé and Serge Lemouton
  • Dialogue with OpenMusic in the process of composing Nothing that is not there and the Nothing that is
    Takéshi Tsuchiya
  • Koch’s Space
    Julián Ávila
  • Electronic sound creation in Balænoptera for bass clarinet, electronic sounds, and live electronics
    Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis
  • Modelling a gesture: Tak-Sim for string quartet and live electronics
    Alireza Farhang
  • Electronic dramaturgy and computer-aided composition in Re Orso
    Marco Stroppa and Jean Bresson
  • Rima Flow: Oral tradition and composition
    Alessandro Ratoci
  • Ab-Tasten: Atomic sound modelling with a computer-controlled grand piano
    Marlon Schumacher

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