Workshop: Music Composition and Creative Interaction with Machine Learning

Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol
July 6th, 2018 – 17h-19h

While making machines capable of composing using machine learning and artificial intelligence has been widely explored in computer music research, these techniques are still seldom exploited by musicians themselves as an actual tool for composition. This workshop will present current works and perspectives in this direction, considering ML and AI-inspired techniques applied for computer-aided composition and musical human-machine interaction.

Presenters and topics:

  • Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM): Learning gestures from audio descriptors: composition and interaction
  • Jerome Nika (Université de La Rochelle / IRCAM): Symbolic human-machine musical interaction
  • Tetsuro Kitahara (Nihon University, Japan): An improvisation support system with melody generation based on user-drawn melodic outlines
  • Jean Bresson (IRCAM): Machine learning in the compositional workflow (applications in OpenMusic)
  • Anders Vinjar (independent composer, Norway): An exploration AI techniques for computer-aided composition
  • Hugo Scurto (IRCAM): Creating Human-AI Collaboration in Music Applications.
  • Philippe Pasquier (Simon Fraser University, Canada): Computer assisted composition and sound design at the Metacreation Lab

IRCAM / STMS Lab — CNRS exploratory research program (PEPS) PACO — ANR DYCI2
Contact/coordination: Jean Bresson – jean.bresson (at) ircam (dot) fr


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