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SoMax2 release and documentation


Video Tutorials, Demos, performances

  1. The demo videos are called "Improvise with the Masters" and show Somax2 co-improvize with XXth century Masters demonstrating advanced interaction strategies. This is associated to an accessible Somax2 Tutorial patch and sound collection allowing you to quickly do the same.
  2. Joelle Léandre Residency : Somax2 Sessions with Great Bass Player Joelle Léandre. Somax2 Public Performances : Concerts with great Improvisers using Somax2. REACH Music and AI medias : lots of concerts videos with Reach softwares.

Software Releases and installation instructions

Tutorials and help

Basic Max Tutorials patches are contained in the software release package.

Check the Somax2 folder for files README, Somax2 Users Guide (PDF), Somax2.overview patch (access to all tutorials and help resources - also in the Max Extra Menu).

Explore the maxhelp's available for every Somax2 object, also accessible through the (?) mark available for every Somax2 UI object.

Advanced Tutorial "Somax2 Improvises with the Masters" can be found here


You can also check the research team Legacy Somax page for early reports on the Somax Model.


Gérard Assayag, Georges Bloch, Joakim Borg, Marco Fiorini, Mikhail Malt


Somax2 © Ircam 2020 -

Somax2 is a totally renewed version of the Somax reactive co-improvisation paradigm born in the Music Representations Team at Ircam - STMS.

It is part of the research projects ANR MERCI (Mixed Musical Reality with Creative Instruments) and ERC REACH (Raising Co-creativity in Cyber-Human Musicianship) directed by Gérard Assayag.

Somax2 development by Joakim Borg, documentations and tutorials by Joakim Borg and Marco Fiorini.

Somax created by Gérard Assayag and Laurent Bonnasse-Gahot, adaptations and pre-version 2 by Axel Chemla Romeu Santos, early pro- totype by Olivier Delerue.

Thanks to Georges Bloch, Mikhaïl Malt and Marco Fiorini for their continuous expertise.

Thanks to Bernard Borron, Bernard Magnien, Carine Bonnefoy, Joëlle Léandre, Fabrizio Cassol, Marco Fiorini for their musical material used in Somax2 distribution corpus.


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