Here are some audio and video examples of OMax in action, presented in reverse chronology.

OMax 4.x

Comprovisation 2012 encounters Montreal

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Nuit de l'impro CNSMDP

During the Night of improvisation at Conservatoire de Paris (oct 14, 2012), OMax plays a virtual musician in addition to the Carine Bonnefoy Quintet (an hybrid sax / trumpet virtual instrumentist) that sneaks its choruses in the group's playing. The real trumpetist is very, very tired at 5am. This version of OMax is beat aware and the choruses are aligned with the beat.

Gentle Cat



this is a new derivation of OMac that acts as a corpus based, improvising arrangement / harmonisation machine that develops in real time over the saxophonist's chorus. Vincent Lê Quang plays the sax.


ImproTech Paris-New York 2012 festival

The ImproTech Paris - NYC 2012 workshop ImproTech Paris - NYC 2012 workshop is dedicated to the exploration of the links between musical improvisation and digital technologies. Gathering researchers and artists from both research & creation scenes, it favors the idea of using digital intelligence as a source of continuous and sophisticated creation, in a complex interaction with live musicians, as opposed to mere decorative digital effects.

LubaX in New-YorX

 LubaX in NY
Bernard Lubat, keyboard
OMax : Gérard Assayag

Duck Laughs

A comprovisation by Georges Bloch Percussions : Laurent Mariusse
OMax : Georges Bloch

34ème Hestejada dé las Arts

OMax (embodied by Benjamin Lévy and Marc Chemillier) has been invited 2011 in Bernard Lubat's festival around Uzeste. Two concerts with OMax were programmed.

Noaillan, August 14. 2011

Concert in Noaillan Bernard Lubat, keyboard
Fabrice Vieira, guitar & voice
OMax : Marc Chemillier & Benjamin Lévy

Pompéjac, August 18. 2011

Concert in Pompéjac Bernard Lubat, keyboard
Fabrice Vieira, guitar & voice
Beñat Achiary, voice
OMax : Marc Chemillier & Benjamin Lévy

Marc Chemillier's Seminar 2009/2010

Demo in Marc Chemillier's seminar Gérard Assayag and Benjamin Lévy have been invited on January 27. 2010 in Marc Chemillier's seminar at EHESS to explain and demo OMax software with Raphaël Imbert.

Raphaël Imbert, Saxophone
OMax : Benjamin Lévy

OMax 3.x and before

Cécile Daroux & Friends

Studio 5, IRCAM, April 2009

On the 29th of April 2009, Cécile Daroux, flutist, was invited to IRCAM to play with OMax. She asked a few friends to come and play with her…
Here are some video extracts of this session:

OMax: Gérard Assayag and Georges Bloch
Sound Technician: Sylvain Cadars

Jean-Brice Godet

Agora Festival, IRCAM, June 2007

A clarinette duo, Jean-Brice Godet (clarinette) During the Agora Festival 2007, Jean-Brice Godet and Gérard Assayag gave a demo of OMax during a seminar on sound technologies. OMax: Gérard Assayag
Sound & Video: Daniel Raguin

Hélène Schwartz

Studio 5, IRCAM, May 2007

A in piano duo (Hélène Schwarz) Presented here is a sizzling improvisation by Hélène Schwartz. We use the "piano bar" version of OMax. A Moog piano bar is used to detect key motions and send Midi to OMax. The Steinway piano is also recorded using a couple of microphone and OMax uses this recombined audio material to play its improvisations instead of playing through a Midi expander, just as in the plain audio version.

OMax: Georges Bloch

Mike Garson

North Los Angeles, November 2006

The OMax Garson sessions took place in november 2006 in Mike Garson's recording studio in North Los Angeles. Mike Garson is an astounding musician who studied with Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. He has played with Stanley Clarke, Elvin Jones, Lee Konitz and Freddie Hubbard, and he is also the regular pianist of David Bowie since the early seventies. Mike had heard about OMax through Dennis Thurmond and contacted us during a tour in Paris. After a first try he insisted that we experiment in good recording conditions in his studio equipped with 2 grand yamah disklavier.
During these sessions, Mike gave a great feed back that led to several interesting improvements of OMax. Especially the "follow" mode that can be heard in the following examples, where the memory zone in which OMax improvizes actually follows the musician with a variable memory depth. Specially for a musician that is able to react at the milliseconds to whatever variation the software produces, this option is both very challenging and very reinsuring since the musician has a better and a faster control over the directions taken by the software. Mike also suggested "algebraic" transformation such as retrograde, inversions, etc. that can't be heard there, but that have been implemented since and will be available in the soon to come release of OMax.

In these 2 examples, Mike improvizes with OMax, while just discovering the new "follow" mode. OMax controls the second disklavier and is panned on a different channel: Impro 1 (mp3), Impro 1 (aif), Impro 2 (mp3), Impro 2 (aif)

Another brillant Mike/Omax impro sent by Mike
Reorchestration of some of Mike+OMax impro using Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman

The Deliberation Orchestra

29th Uzeste Festival, 2006

Deliberation Orchestra Featuring Francois Corneloup (saxophones), Fabrice Vieira (guitar, voice), Yves Carbonne (bass guitar ), Fawzi Berger (percussions), Stokley Williams (drums), Paco Charlery (percussions), Tony Hymas (piano), Jef Lee Johnson (guitar), Christophe Monniot (saxophones), Denis Charolles (drums), Bernard Lubat (voice, kbd).
OMax was invited as guest. It can be heard, for instance, at the beginning (Cello sample, processed reinjection of Bernard Lubat voicings). A giant storm exploded while we were setting up. The energetic character of the set and its motion toward a fast climax is explained because everybody was worried that the fabric roof was threatening to collapse under the weight of the rain water. We were prepared to run for our lives as soon as the last chord would resonate.

OMax : Gérard Assayag & Marc Chemillier


28th Uzeste Festival, 2005

Excerpt 1 Excerpt 2 Featuring Submersible Jazzcognitif de la Compagnie Lubat de Gasconha, Bernard Lubat , Fabrice Vieira, Fawzi Berger , Nathalie Boitaud, Christophe Rocher…
Lubathyscaphe-K is an improvisation group that performs in the dark with some visuals. In this excerpt OMax is elaborating on musial patterns previsously captured, until it is joined by the group in a trance-like groove.

OMax: Gérard Assayag & Marc Chemillier

The Bernard Lubat Sessions

Bernard Lubat is one of the greatest french improvizer. Poly-instrumentalist, he played with many top Jazz musicians and was involved in contemporary music experimentation as well. In 1977 Lubat founded the more original french music festival, the Uzeste Music Festival (or Hestejada de las arts in Occitan language). Bernard Lubat collaborates with the OMax Brothers since 2004.

OMax Demo at l'Estaminet, Uzeste Festival, May 2007

The demo starts on a single note, then develops several aspects of OMax. Bernard Lubat plays the piano on the left channel. OMax plays the Rhodes Mark1 on the right. Features of special interests are the parts where a counterpoint like interaction settles down between Lubat and OMax, and a large section in the middle where OMax, playing alone, variates continuously a groove it has captured from Lubat.

Complete Demo (mp3) Complete Demo (aif)
Final Section only (mp3) Final Section only (aif)

Work Session at l'Estaminet, Uzeste, 2004

In this setup, Omax learns and play in real-time.

Lubat discovers OMax


Walking Bass

Bass OMax plays a walking bass in the style of Bernard Lubat who improvises on top of it. The learning has occured just before by having OMax listen to Lubat playing a few bars.


III II I Max plays percussion rhythms in the style of Bernard Lubat who improvises on top of it. The learning has occured just before by having OMax listen to Lubat playing a few bars of percussion on a synthe. Then Omax goes polyphonic by superposing several layers.


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