Professorship Opening in Music Informatics at Pierre et Marie Curie University / Ircam / STMS Lab

Sept. 15 : opening of the candidature process (closing Oct. 16, 16h00)

As the process is a little tricky, we have prepared a tutorial in english explaining in detail the different operations. This tutorial is adapted for people currently outside of the french academic system (typically researcher, prof. in a foreign university)


Professorship UPMC / IRCAM
Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) opens a full-time permanent position of professor in its Dpt of Engineering/Computer Science, in association with IRCAM’s STMS Lab.


The position reference sheet is here.

Online applications are mandatory and will be open only from September 15  to October 16 2011 on the Education & Research Ministry Galaxie server. Within that time frame, candidates should register on Galaxie then send a PDF file with all the necessary documentation to the university. After a pre-selection phase, candidates in the short-list will be  called for an oral presentation and an interview at UPMC before the end of the year.
Practical and legal infos are on the UPMC recruitment page.  Check for position PR 1760 in the FIDIS recrutment campaign.

Please let us know (Ircam contacts below) if you're interested in applying for that position, so we cans help you if needed with the process.


The successful candidate will teach within the Computer Science Dpt at the University and carry his/her research work in the Music Representation Team  (here and here) of IRCAM/STMS lab. STMS  is the scientific kernel of IRCAM's R&D Department. It is a joint institution of IRCAM (Institut de recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique), CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie).
Teaching and research proportions are  50/50 in the french academic system. Teaching duties will start on the second term (Feb/March, 2012).

Research Profile

The appointee’s research work will integrate the quadrennial project of the team which includes the themes : languages, algorithms and programming ; mathematical foundations ; composing (musical) sound, time, space and interaction. Domains of application are computer assisted composition, analysis & interaction, in a leading art/science institution (Ircam) where a strong priority is given to contemporary creation. He/she will collaborate with other research teams in an open multi-disciplinary spirit.

The expected research profile involves internationally recognized expertise and research action  in important subdomains of music informatics such as e.g. programming languages / paradigms, architectures and interfaces for music, models & representations of musical data & processes, space-time dynamics of musical structures, and, in general,  modelling and computing approaches to music creation.


The teaching part encompasses general programming and algorithmics at the undergraduate level as well as specialized courses at the Master level, in the STL (Sciences and Technologies of Software) and SAR/ATIAM (Acoustics Signal Processing Computer Science applied to Music) specializations, depending on the candidate’s profile.


Candidates currently in the french academic system need to have obtained an HDR (Habilitation à diriger les recherches) and the "Qualification  aux fonctions de professeur des universités".

Candidates currently in a foreign academic system need to show an equivalent level, typically tenured faculty or tenure track faculty with sufficient amount of years of experience. They will need to join an official  document from their department justifying their academic rank and experience.

Adm. details

Concours PR
Profil : Informatique musicale / Music Informatics
Section CNU N°27
UFR 919
Labo d'accueil :  UMR 9912

Campagne FIDIS, PR1760

Contacts :

Ircam :

Gérard Assayag, head STMS Lab : gerard.assayag [at]
Sylvie Benoit, R&D Dpt. Dir. assistant : sylvie.benoit [at]


Administrative contact :

Mme Monique Le Mée, head selection committees office

+33 (0)1 44 27 62 76   (tel)
+33 (0)1 44 27 33 75  (fax)
 Com.Selection [at]

Mr Fabrice Kordon, president of the selection committee for this position

Fabrice.Kordon [at]


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