ImproTech Paris-New York 2012 : Improvisation & Technology

Conferences, Workshops & Performances :: May 16-18, 2012 in New York City

The ImproTech Paris - NYC 2012 workshop is dedicated to the exploration of the links between musical improvisation and digital technologies.

Gathering researchers and artists from both research & creation scenes, it favors the idea of using digital intelligence as a source of continuous and sophisticated creation, in a complex interaction with live musicians, as opposed to mere decorative digital effects.

Distributed over 3 sites (Roulette, NYU, Columbia) the event combines concerts, presentations, demos and workshops and features such great artists as Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Coleman, George Lewis, Geri Allen, Bernard Lubat, Margaret Lancaster, Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer, Mari Kimura, Esther Lamneck, Raphael Imbert, Lori Freedman, Brice Martin, Laurent Mariusse, Sylvain Roux, Les Emeudroïdes and many others (see the List of participants and the Events Schedule .)

A Sister Workshop Comprovisations – Improvisation Technologies for the Performing Arts is also held on May 24-27 at Hexagram / Matralab in Montreal.

Highlights : Concert at Roulette on May 16, Workshop on May 17/18 at NYU and Columbia CMC, Concert at Columbia CMC on May 18.

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in 2004 was held at ircam, during the 1st Sound and Music Computing Conference, a workshop on Improvisation and the Computer, that gathered the cream (as we say in french) of musicians and researchers operating in the field. The event was a big success and it had a strong impact on the public, the musical scene - and on Ircam as well, by introducing, for the first time at that level, improvisaiton as a hot research topic. Following this, improvisation / technology became a legitimate field of investigation, for which it was possible for instance to obtain research grants through the National Researc Agency and the universities doctoral schools. Above all, it was a wonderful opportunity to share an exceptional artistic and scientific moment. A trace of this moment is the DVD Contact that captures the performance by David Wessel and Roscoe Mitchell.

The idea of renewing the experience, this time in NYC, where many of the former participants came from, emerged more than once in passionate discussions about the present state of Improvisation involving digital technologies and media.

Eight years later, how did the technologies and the concepts of interaction evolve? what personalities have emerged since then on the impro/techno scene ? where's the research heading to ? etc.


The event will take place in New York City in 2012, during the 3d week of May (16th-18th) and will consist of conferences, demos, workshops, and performances.

  • An opening concert will take place at Roulette on May 16 evening.
  • Then 2 days of workshops and conferences will take place at NYU (on May 17) and Columbia (on May 18).
  • A closing concert will take place on May 18 evening at Columbia.

Except for the Roulette concert, the whole event is open and free within the limit of available seating.




  • Concert, May 16 evening : Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave (On the corner of Atlantic & 3rd Aves), Brooklyn, NY 11217, Metro: 2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains and the LIRR, Atlantic Av. station
  • Workshop 1, May 17 : NYU Steinhardt, 6th floor 35 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10003. Metro: Lines N & R, 8th Street - NYU station
  • Workshop 2, May 18 and Concert, May 18 evening : Columbia University Prentis Hall, 3rd floor, Computer Music Center, 632 West 125th Street
 New York, NY 10027. Metro: Line 1, 125th Street station.

Sister Events

A Sister Workshop Comprovisations – Improvisation Technologies for the Performing Arts is also held on May 24-27 at Hexagram / Matralab in Montreal.

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