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OMax is a software environment (Creative Agent) which learns in real-time typical features of a musician's style and plays along with him interactively, giving the flavor of a machine co-improvisation. It is based on a research on stylistic modeling carried out by Gerard Assayag and Shlomo Dubnov and a research on improvisation with the computer by G. Assayag, M. Chemillier and G. Bloch (Aka the OMax Brothers).
OMax reinjects in several different ways the musician's material that has gone through a machine-learning stage, allowing a semantics-level representation of the session and a smart recombination and transformation of this material in real-time. We coined the term Stylistic Reinjection to expresss this particular way of interacting of one's own clone.


Since its inception, OMax has evolved in many directions.

  • ImproteK adds the notion of scenario (composition) to the free improvisation scheme of OMax.
  • SoMax adds the idea of improvisation interactively guided by the external context (simultaneaous reactive co-improvisation) to the free impro scheme of OMax.
  • djazz is the current evolution of ImproteK.
  • DYCI2 : (Dynamics of Creative Improvised Interaction), a research project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), tries to combine all these creative behaviours in a unified environment.


OMax is available on github

Find all related projects (Omax, Somax, ImproteK DYCI2) open-source on github collection dyci2.


Videos of public performances and concerts using OMax and its siblings here

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Old Omax web page

WoMax : from OMax implemented in Max/OpenMusic to OMax in Max + C++ objects


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