Phd student, starting in September 2016, at Ircam (a lab associated with Pierre et Marie Curie University), working on Antescofo and more generally, on systems with languages that express complex temporal relations.

Supervision by Florent Jacquemard and Jean-Louis Giavitto.

My research

In Antescofo, I mainly work on the reactive engine, especially the audio processing part. Antescofo scores are highly dynamic programs, with several temporal rates, physical times in seconds, musical times in beats, which depend on the tempi. Some actions can also be triggered by events resulting on some human behaviours. I try to deal with this dynamicity in several ways:

  • Adaptative scheduling. I currently explore approximate computing
  • Static analysis of the scores, to find some bounds (on the tempo for instance) so that a score is playable or to extract a graphical representation, as a score on a timeline

I also try to compile Antescofo scores, where the challenge is also that scores are very dynamic.

I have also worked on rhythm quantization using rewriting rules on rhythm trees.

Audio processing in Antescofo

The audio graph associated to the piece Anthèmes 2 by Pierre Boulez.

Approximate computing for Audio Processing Graphs

Some parts of the audio graph are degraded by resampling in order not to miss some deadline. The challenge is to find which subpaths to degrade, and to quantify the quality and the execution time offline.

An audio graph and one of its degraded versions.

Analysis, intermediate presentation

Intermediate representation for the beginning of Anthèmes 2.

This intermediate représentation is inspired by the works of Clément Poncelet, and adds to it tasks, global variables and conditionals.

Rhythm quantization

We represent rhythms as trees. Rhythm trees can be changed into other rhythm trees using rewriting rules. It makes it possible to define an equivalence relation between rythms. Some of the rewriting rules simplify the rhythms and are used to quantify them.

Examples of rythms and their tree representation.

Examples of rythms with slurs and dots and their tree representation.

Rwrite sequence starting from the tree (d) of previous figure.



* Best Paper Presentation Award, ICMC 2019, for AntesCollider: Control and Signal Processing in the Same Score, José Miguel Fernandez, Jean-Louis Giavitto, Pierre Donat-Bouillud




See also my former page at ENS Rennes.

MuTant Team-project — Inria, Ircam, UPMC, CNRS
c/o Music Representations Team — Ircam
1, place Igor-Stravinsky
75004 Paris — France


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