MuTant Open Positions (Feb 2015)

MuTant Team-Project has 3 openings in 2015 for UIX Developper (to fill immediately), PhD Position (starting Fall 2015), and a Post-doc (starting fall 2015). See job descriptions for instructions to apply.

CNRS Gold Medal laureat Gérard Berry and Antescofo (Jan 2015)

Gerard Berry, CNRS 2014 Gold Medal Laureat, talks about Antescofo in this video prepared especially for the prize ceremony.

Berry's ideas and inventions around synchronous language is the very basis of the Antescofo language as described in this video.

Computer in Orchestra (Dec 2014)

Article dedicated to Antescofo in the French popular science magazine La Recherche special issue dedicated to robotics, featuring accessible data on the integration of Antescofo into music ensembles, how it works and some perspectives authored by MuTant members.

Anticipatory Score Following
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Antescofo~ is a modular polyphonic Score Following system as well as a Synchronous Programming language for musical composition. The module allows for automatic recognition of music score position and tempo from a realtime audio Stream coming from performer(s), making it possible to synchronize an instrumental performance with computer realized elements. The synchronous language within Antescofo allows flexible writing of time and interaction in computer music.

Antescofo technology does not need any (offline) training and is intended to be plug-and-play.

Antescofo started out in close collaboration with the composer Marco Stroppa. Antescofo intends to expand the paradigm of synchronization and score following and tends towards a tool for writing of time and interaction in computer music, for both composition and performance. Therefore, it will evolve continually.

Antescofo has been developed as an external module for Max/MSP and PureData programming environments. Antescofo is distributed via IRCAM Forum since November 2009.

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Antescofo was born out of a collaboration a researcher (Arshia Cont), a composer (Marco Stroppa), and saxophonist Claude Delangle for the world premier of ... of Silence in late 2007. Antescofo is particularly grateful to composer Marco Stroppa, the main motivation behind its existence and his continuous and generous intellectual support. Since 2007, many composers and computer musicians have joined the active camp to whom Antescofo is always grateful: Pierre Boulez, Philippe Manoury, Gilbert Nouno, Serge Lemouton, Larry Nelson, and others… .

The development of Antescofo has been made possible by generous support from Ircam, Inria, and CNRS; and the French National Research Agency (ANR) Project INEDIT (ANR-12-CORD-0009).


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