Modeling co-creativity : Interaction, Improvisation, Instruments

Research projects

2021 - 2025 ERC REACH (Raising co-creativity in cyber-human Musicianship)

2020 - 2022 MERCI (Mixed Musical Reality with Creative Instruments)

2015 - 2018 ANR DYCI2 (Dynamics of Creative Improvised Interaction)

2010-2013 ANR ImproTech

Improvisation Softwares

SoMax co-creative agents based on fast cognitive listening / matching / reacting paradigm

DICY2 agents for improvised or composed interaction with micro-scenarios

OMax the mother of repmus impro software (and its companions) : free improvisation and stylistic reinjection

Readings and Multimedia
Archive - Legacy

Médiation scientifique sur Internet (2004-2005)

OM-DYCI2 framework for interactive generation of musical sequences combining generative agents and computer-assisted composition tools (openmusic)


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