Permanent Researchers

PhD Students

Masters Students

  • Maxime Sirbu, MS ATIAM (Acoustics, Signal Proc. & Computer Sci. Applied to Music)
  • Stephane Rivaud, MS ATIAM
  • Adrien Ycart, MS ATIAM

Artists in Residence

  • Jason Freeman, composer (2014-15)
  • John MacCallum, composer (2014-15)
  • Julia Blondeau, composer (2014)
  • Christopher Trapani, composer (2013)
  • Other Collaborating Composers: Marco Stroppa, Philippe Manoury, Emmanuel Nunes, Christopher Trapani, Jonathan Harvey, Gilbert Nouno, Steve Coleman, and more.
  • Collaborating Musicians: Hae-Sun Kang (violin), Claude Delangle (Saxophone), Daniele Ciampolini (Vibraphone), Sebastien Vichard (Piano), Diotima String Quartet, … .


  • José Echeveste, Post-doc at Collège de France. (PhD awarded 2015)
  • Thomas Coffy, Research Engineer, Now R&D Engineer at Expandium at Nantes, France.
  • Arnaud Dessein, Now at York University
  • Guillaume Baudard, now PhD Student at ENS Parkas Team
  • Vincent Lostanlen, now PhD Student at ENS
  • Léa Fanchon
  • Rong Gong, now PhD Student at MTG Barcelona
  • Alberto Bietti, now at Quora
  • Vincent Roggerone, now PhD at Ecole Polytechnique

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