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The Music Representations team carries out research and development into the symbolic representation of musical structures, languages and computer paradigms adapted to music. This work finds application in both computer assisted composition (CAC) and computer-based musicology. Reflection into the high-level representation of musical concepts and structures supported by original computer languages developed by the team, leads to the conception of models, which can be used for both musical production and analysis.

Distributed to a large community of musicians, OpenMusic and other software developed by the team haave provoked new ways of thinking, which exploit the computer possibilities for simultaneously representing and executing musical scores, their formal underlying structures and their generative processes. Works elaborated in such a way contain, to a great extent, parts of their own structural analysis. On the musicology side, the representation and modelling tools enable a truly experimental approach, injecting considerable dynamism to a discipline still under-represented in France.

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2012-2017 Complete Products and Activities Report

Research Areas / Projects

National and international Project Grants
Other Projects and Collaborations

Complex Systems
Interactive Scores



Past Events

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  • MCM 2011: Third International Conference of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music.
  • IMHM'07: 19e conférence francophone sur l'interaction homme-machine (2007)
  • SMC'04: Sound and Music Computing Conference (2004).
  • Séminaires sur l'analyse (2002).
  • CP-2001: Musical Constraints Workshop (2001)
  • Fourth Mathematical Forum DIDEROT (1999).
  • Séminaire AFPLC: Musique et Contraintes (1999)
  • ECAI'98 Workshop: Constraint Techniques for Artistic Applications (Brighton, UK, 1998).
  • JIM'96: Journées d'Informatique Musicale (Ile de Tatihou, France, 1996).



ATIAM Master's program (Acoustique, Traitement de signal, Informatique Appliqués à la Musique)

Module "Méthodes mathématiques et informatiques pour la création musicale"
Master ICA – Spécialité AST (Art, Science et Technologie), PHELMA – INP Grenoble


RepMus Team:

Gérard Assayag (head)
Carlos Agon
Moreno Andreatta
Jean Bresson
Philippe Esling
Jean-Louis Giavitto
Mikhail Malt
Jérôme Nika

PhD Students

Pierre Donat-Bouillud
Pierre Talbot
Frédéric Le Bel
Daniel Cabanzo
Jean-François Ducher


Alireza Farhang (musical research residency, 2018)

Masters students

Vincent Iampietro: Notation symbolique de flux de contrôle musicaux et multimédias
Paul Best: Apprentissage automatique et composition assistée par ordinateur
Romain Petit


Karim Haddad

Associate Researchers

Marc Chemillier
Mondher Ayari
Camilo Rueda
Gilbert Nouno
Georges Bloch
Anders Vinjar


PhD students

Arnaud Dessein (RepMus/IMTR)
Grégoire Carpentier
Antoine Allombert (IRCAM/LabRI)
John Mandereau (Università di Pisa/IRCAM)
Louis Bigo (LACL/IRCAM)
Benjamin Levy
José Echeveste
Marlon Schumacher (McGill University)
Charles de Paiva Santana (UPMC/UNICAMP)
Hélianthe Caure
Dimitri Bouche
Philippe Cuvillier
Clément Poncelet
Mattia Bergomi
Grégoire Genuys
Daniele Ghisi
Julia Blondeau (IRCAM)

Previous members/post-docs/invited researchers

Florent Jacquemard
Mika Kuuskankare (2011)
Carlos Pérez Sancho (2011)
Peter Van Roy (2009)
Tsubasa Tanaka