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CNRS Director of Research at IRMA and member of the CREAA
University of Strasbourg
7 rue René-Descartes / F-67084 Strasbourg
e-mail : andreatta[at]
Review Editor of the JMM and principal investigator of the SMIR and ProAppMaMu Projects
Associate researcher at the Music Representation Team
IRCAM - CNRS UMR 9912 (STMS) - Sorbonne Université
1, place I. Stravinsky / F-75004 Paris
tel:+33 (0)1 44781488
e-mail : Moreno.Andreatta[at]

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My research activity focuses since several years on the relationships between mathematics and music. In particular, I'm interested in the algebraic formalization of musical structures and processes, a subject which was at the center of my PhD in computational musicology (EHESS/IRCAM) and of my HDR in mathematics (at IRMA, university of Strasbourg).

Since 1999 I am coordinating the Maths/Music activities within the Music Representation Team at IRCAM. In particular, I'm organizing since 2001 with Carlos Agon the MaMuX Seminar (Mathematics/Music and their relations with other fields) at IRCAM and since 2005 with François Nicolas and Charles Alunni the mamuphi Seminar (Mathematics, music and philosophy) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

Since 2006 I am editor (with Jean-Michel Bardez) of the "Musique/Sciences" Series (Ircam/Delatour France). Founding member of the Journal of Mathematics and Music, the official Journal of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music (SMCM), I am also Editor (with Guerino Mazzola) of Springer Computational Music Science.

During the Academic Year (2012-2013), I was invited researcher at the Institute of Algebra of the TU Dresden, in Germany. Within this research period I've been working on the application of Rudolf Wille's Formal Concept Analysis to music. You will find here a short description of the research project and a detailed bibliography. This project has some deep intersections with the research axis on categorical approaches and spatial computing in music analysis.

All these different formal (i.e. algebraic, categorical and topological) tools have recently found their first applications in the study of popular music, a field which enables my maths/music research to interact more deeply with my musical activity, in particular around song writings and improvisation. This research is conducted at the present within a fellowship USIAS (the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Studies), supporting the SMIR projet (Structural Music Information Research), in collaboration with IRMA (Institut de recherche mathématique avancée), GREAM (Groupe de Recherches Expérimentales sur l'Acte Musical), the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg (HEAR) / Conservatory of Strasbourg and IRCAM.

Since January 2018, I'm delivering a cours on mathematical and computational models in popular music for the undergraduate students in musicology and popular music at the University of Strasbourg.

Scientific production:

Research supervision :

Pedagogical and musical activities :

Some recent conferences: [see the webpage of the SMIR Project for more recent conferences]

Less recent conferences:

  • "Représentations géométriques, formalisations algébriques et modélisations informatiques en musicologie computationnelle", concert-conference within the cycle "Musique & Mathématiques 2016, Besançon, 8 December 2016.
  • « Musica contemporanea: la formalizzazione dell’organizzazione delle altezze nello spazio temperato e la teoria trasformazionale », Levi Campus 2016, Fondazione Levi, Venice, 29 june 2016 - first part; second part.
  • « Matematica & Musica », concert-conference at the French Institut in Florence within the "Festa della Matematica". Monday 18 april 2016 (in collaboration with Emmanuel Amiot and Gilles Baroin).
  • « Géométrie et Algèbre en musique savante et en chanson », concert-conference at the Orsay Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. Thursday 14 april 2016 (in collaboration with Wiebke Drenckhan - accordeon). Organisation : Catherine Even-Beaudoin and Marie-France Mariotto - pdf.
  • "Formalisations, représentations et modélisations en musicologie computationnelle : quelques éléments d’une recherche ‘mathémusicale’", concert-conference for a specialized audience (pdf) - "Formalisations, représentations et modélisations en musicologie computationnelle : un voyage entre musique savante et musiques actuelles", concert-conference for a non-specialized audience (pdf). "Music & Sciences Festival", Dijon 23-24 March 2016 (with the participation of Emmanuel Bigand, Paul Molin, the Trio SR9, Jean Baptiste Médard).
  • Arts & Sciences Meeting: Neurosciences, epistemology and new paradigms, Paris Descartes, 5-6 February 2016 (Programme, including a Maths/Music concert at the Conservatoire J.-Ph. Rameau) - Abstracts
  • Musique et géométrie : de J-S-Bach à Paolo Conte en passant par les Beatles et les chanson hamiltoniennes. Concert-Conference at the N/O/D/E/ Festival, Lausanne, 30 January 2016 - pdf - On the radio (Magma and Vertigo)
  • Actualité de la pensée de Iannis Xenakis à partir de son tableau des correspondances entre la musique et les mathématiques, MaMuX Seminar, January 22 2016 - pdf - Vidéo
  • Théories des catégories en analyse musicale (with Carlos Agon), « La musique et ses raisonances / volet mamuphi » Seminar, special session dedicated to Andrée Ehresmann around category theory and creativity », 12th december 2015 - pdf - Full program of the session (en pdf)
  • Outils mathématiques en musicologie computationnelle, Launching Seminar of the Collegium Musicae, Philharmonie de Paris, 13 November - pdf - Full program (in pdf)
  • Exploring the “mathemusical” dynamics: some theoretical and philosophical aspects of a musically driven mathematical practice, Annual Meeting of the Association of Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Institut Henri Poincaré, November 2nd-4th 2015 - pdf
  • Computational Models of the Pitch-Rhythm Correspondence, Annual Conference of the GMTH, Berlin, 1-4 October 2015 - pdf - Schedule
  • Recherche et création en mathématique/musique : éléments d'un bilan personnel à mi-parcours, Ateliers of History and Philosophy of Sciences for the PhD candidates of UPMC/Interférences_VIDA Seminar, UPMC, 4 May 2015 - pdf
  • Les maths au service de la chanson (in collaboration with Polo), A week of mathematics, conference-concert at the lycée Lamartine, 17 March 2015 (pdf)
  • Tiling Canons as a Key to Approaching Open Mathematical Conjectures?, Mathemusical Conversations. Mathematics and Computation in Music Performance and Composition, International Workshop, NUS, Singapore, 13-15 February 2015 - pdf - video
  • Analyse musicale transformationnelle et théorie des catégories : compte-rendu d’une recherche en cours (with Andrée Ehresmann & Alexandre Popoff, séminaire mamuphi, 7 February 2015) - pdf - video
  • Formalismes mathématiques et modèles computationnels en recherche « mathémusicale » : algèbre et géométrie au service de la chanson, Conference-concert within the Conferences of the Institute of Physics of Rennes, 27 january 2015 - Abstract - First part - Second part
  • Anatol Vieru, André Riotte et Julio Estrada, ou l’articulation entre calcul combinatoire et formalisation algébrique, Colloque CDMC, 28-20 November 2014 - pdf - Program - Booklet - video
  • Musique algorithmique : théories de la composition musicale au XXe siècle. Médaille Michel Chasles presented by Jérôme Bonaldi, Chartres, 15th Novembre 2014.
  • Musique et mathématiques : destinées parallèles ou influences mutuelles ?, Mercredis Xenakis, CIX, University of Rouen, 12 November 2014 - pdf - video
  • Hey Maths ! Modèles formels et computationnels au service des Beatles, A one Day Seminar on the Beatles, University of Evry-val-d'Essonne, 6 November 2014 - pdf
  • Approches mathématiques en théorie musicale : l’« école formelle » française et son héritage, Symposium of the GMTH, Genève, 17 Octobre 2014- pdf
  • Mathématiques et musique. Une introduction (with Emmanuel Amiot and Gilles Baroin), Maths Party, Fermat's House, Beaumont de Lomagne, 12 October 2014
  • Les pavages en musique : du Tonnetz aux canons mosaïques (with Emmanuel Amiot and Hélianthe Caure), La Chapelle-Gély, Montpellier, 27 septembre 2014 (large public conference within the session of the MaMuX Seminar)
  • Presentation of the session and overview on Tiling Problems, LIRMM, Montpellier, 26 September 2014 (MaMuX Seminar) - Program
  • The interplay between algebra and geometry in symbolic music information retrieval, First French-Brasilian Symposium on computational music analysis and composition, UNICAMP, Campinas, 19th august 2014 - vidéo (first part) - vidéo (second part)
  • La symétrie en musique : de J.-S. Bach à Paolo Conte en passant par les Beatles. Concert-conference, Festival "Artistes en cour#s", Conservatoire Hector Berlioz, Paris, 26th june 2014 - vidéo - pdf - Flyer - Booklet of the Festival


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